OpenFace is a powerful toolkit that provides facial landmark detection, pose tracking, action unit recognition, gaze tracking, and facial feature extractions. Here I share the simple way to setup OpenFace using a Docker container.

Install Docker

Install docker at

Download the Docker container

The Docker container is at but you essentially just have to type the following command into the terminal.

docker pull algebr/openface:latest

Run the Docker container

docker run -ti --rm --name openface -v /Volumes/jcData/Datasets/extended-cohn-kanade-images/:/home/openface-build/build/bin/ck algebr/openface:latest

-dit : –name : rename your running image or Docker will name it for you -v : attach a directory for your data : The final argument is the name of the downloaded docker container.

Access the folder with build files

cd /home/openface-build/build/bin

Do some feature extraction

./FaceLandmarkImg -fdir ck/cohn-kanade-images/S026/002 -out_dir ck/out_openface
./FeatureExtraction -f facecam_exp/Data/Jin/2_720_trimmed.MP4 -outroot facecam_exp/Data/Jin -of 2_Jin_OF.csv -q

See the full argument and other methods here

The output file is a csv file in which Facial Action Units are listed in terms of presence and intensity.

Action units covered are:

Action Units Description
AU01 Inner Brow Raiser
AU02 Outer Brow Raiser
AU04 Brow Lowerer
AU05 Upper Lid Raiser
AU06 Cheek Raiser
AU07 Lid Tightener
AU08 Lips toward
AU09 Nose Wrinkler
AU10 Upper Lip Raiser
AU12 Lip Corner Puller (smile)
AU14 Dimpler (contempt)
AU15 Lip Corner Depressor
AU17 Chin Raiser
AU20 Lip Stretcher
AU23 Lip Tightener
AU25 Lips part
AU26 Jaw Drop (surprise)
AU45 Blink