I received a Cognitive Neuroscience PhD from the Psychological Brain Sciences Department at Dartmouth College. I worked with Dr. Luke Chang in the Computational Social and Affective Neuroscience Lab studying group decision making, social interactions, and emotional experiences using tools such as neuroimaging, facial expressions of emotions, and psychophysiology. Previously, I completed my BA in Psychology with certificates in Neuroscience and Finance at Princeton University and worked as a lab manager for Dr. Matthew Botvinick at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute.
I enjoy using data analytics and machine learning to solve real world problems. I've won the 2019 Thayer Consulting Case Competition for pitching a personalized meal recommendation system to solve Amazon's e-grocery business. I've also received the Dartmouth Entrepreneurship Network (DEN) Business and Innovation Award, Best Dartmouth Community Hack, and Second Best Hack award at Dartmouth hackathons. I initiated, developed, and deployed project Line@KAF that uses computer vision and neural network models to provide a virtual view of the line at a notoriously busy campus café on mobile and web applications. I enjoy working with others while brainstorming how to solve interesting problems and prototyping apps and ideas into effective solutions.