Areas of Interest

The global aim of my research is to uncover the computational and neurobiological foundations of human behavior, with an emphasis on people’s judgments and decisions in social and affective contexts. In particular, I am interested in how people update their behavior by integrating affective and social feedback through experience or predictions. I draw upon a diverse set of research tools from psychology, neuroscience, economics, and computer science, often applying multiple methods simultaneously.


I enjoy expanding my toolbox and learning new techniques that enables me to address research questions from different angles. These include, but not limited to, the following:

  • fMRI
  • Facial Expressions (Emotient)
  • Eyetracking (Eyetribe, ASL)
  • Psychophys (BIOPAC)
    • Skin conductance (EDA)
    • Heartbeat & Respiration (EKG, PPG)
  • Thermal Stimulation (Medoc PATHWAY)
  • Motion tracking (Xsens)