Areas of Interest

Theories and insights on human behavior are most valid and representative of true human nature when studied in naturalistic contexts.
This idea sets the foundation for my projects that aim to model and understand how emotions and social contexts influence human behavior. These include how empathic behaviors change our perception of pain, how social contexts change our opinions and impressions of others, and how emotions shape our value decisions and learning behavior. To investigate these questions I draw upon a diverse set of research tools such as functional neuroimaging, psychophysiology, and facial expressions while using computational modeling and machine learning algorithms to formalize and make predictions of behavior.

In the process, I have authored and contributed to research tools that may also be useful to others.


Python toolbox to synchronize videos based on audio.

FEAT (Facial Expression Analysis Toolbox)

Python toolbox for streamlined analysis of facial expression data.


Web tool to extract facial expressions from videos using Affectiva’s JavaScript API.


Free online summaries for scientific articles, created and edited by readers around the world.


Python toolbox designed for streamlined analysis of neuroimaging data.


Python class to remotely communicate with Medoc Pathway Thermode over WiFi.